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Our community has been “leaning in” over these last few weeks through a series of meetings entitled “Living the Woven Cord”. It has been leaning in to understand more about the presence of the Trinity in our lives, leaning in to hear stories about how people have found God in the midst of great suffering, leaning in to creative expressions of worship that uplift and inspire our hearts, and leaning in to the legacy we walk in as God’s children, who weave Kingdom threads across our community and world, leading others into meeting with our risen King.

On our first morning, Roger Ellis helped us explore the wonder of the three-in-one:-

“God is Trinity and the beautiful, relational unity and love expressed within the divine three in oneness show us the way in life”.

We heard how God in Christ has gone before us into the darkness and suffering, defeating death and paving a way for us all into eternity. This set the scene for the moving stories we would hear in the second week, and Emma Derbyshire’s inspiring look at the Easter journey on the third meeting.  If you haven’t heard Roger’s or Emma’s talks yet, we would really encourage you to do so. Here’s Roger’s and here’s Emma’s

Our times together were also marked by inspiring art works, a beautiful original song by Emily Cook, and creative expressions of worship. Here are some of the works we saw: -


The Woven Cord

Created by Tom and Kat Fisher (with flower decorations by Karen Baldry) this work is based on the ancient Celtic symbol of faith. The triangular shape is symbolic of the three-in-one nature of the Trinity, the circle that of God’s eternal and all-encompassing character.


Living Threads

Created by Pete Hamilton and Julie Haydock, this symbolises the work of the Kingdom of God, like golden threads that interconnect our homes, neighbourhoods, schools, workplaces, and the links of our church across the UK and wider world. In the middle of the work is the centre of Chichester. The surrounding villages and towns are superimposed behind the UK and world.


Easter Morning Live Art

Here are three works created live on Easter Sunday morning. The first is by Sam Harding, which explores the journey to the cross. The second is by Jo Burton, on the theme of the resurrection of Christ. The third one was created by Julie Haydock and children during the meeting: -

(Painting by Sam Harding)

(Painting by Jo Burton)

(Painting by Julie Haydock & children in the meeting)


For the third week, we created a new film about how the Kingdom of God is like golden threads that criss-cross lands and hearts, bringing the presence of Heaven to Earth. Here it is:-

(click on image above to go to video on YouTube)


We’ve written some more about what inspired Julie to write this prayer poem here at our blog on Prayerscapes.

On behalf of the church we would like to thank all those who have contributed to “Living the Woven Cord” series. Many people have been impacted and deeply touched by the testimonies and beauty they have heard and seen.


Neil & Julie Haydock


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