We are collecting fresh fruit and Vegetables to be distributed to families in our local community through the Chichester District Foodbank. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be a massive blessing to families in need. We are aiming to be a light in our community and love our neighbours well by providing food for 30 families each month.

There are two main ways you can get involved

1. Food Drop-off. Come and drop Fresh Fruit & Vegetables at 104 on the final Saturday of each month between 10am – 12pm.

These are the main fresh items we are looking for this month…


  • Baking potatoes ( bags of 4 if possible)
  • Onions (loose)
  • Carrots (large and small bags)
  • Leeks (packs or loose)


  • Apples (packs)
  • Satsumas (bags)
  • Oranges (loose)
  • Bananas (unripened bunches large and small)

2. Donate Money. If you’d rather give money towards our Love Chichester Project.  Please do that here, and we will make sure that this money goes into our blessing fund. The cost of purchasing all the items on this list would come to roughly £6.42, could you commit to donate and purchase each of these items for a family each month?

Text Giving: Text, LOVE2021 give £100 to 07380 307 800