Donkey 2

Donkey 2


So often when I look back I see the significance of the logic and sequence of all that has past. In the moment of the journey it is often lost from view. As has been said before ‘Hindsight is always 20/20’.

Have you ever been on a journey that has felt like a wild goose chase? A journey that seems to know no end or the assumed destination when you set off is not where the journey ends? You never even make it to the place you set out for or accomplish the very thing you were trying to do. I have even had journeys where you realise with hindsight that the destination was not the even the point of the journey!

I was reading the beginning of story of Saul in the book of 1 Samuel. Saul is sent off by his Father on a journey to recapture some of the families live stock that had escaped. He sets off with a servant for company and help. After a long search the journey seems to be heading towards a failed mission. As this conclusion looms large the servant comes up with what could be seen as a desperate long shot or what we know is an inspired idea as well as the resources to give it a go. All of a sudden the focus of the journey shifts towards another destination. It’s now about an appointment the seer.

Meanwhile the man who had really learned how to hear the Lords voice from his early days whilst sleeping. Samuel hears the ancient of days speak again and he responds in the ways Eli taught him all those years previous ‘speak your servant is listening’. The Lord tells him to anoint Saul.

This exposes the original purpose of the journey for the Wild Donkey Chase it was. Gods plan for his people was never about the Donkeys it was about Saul meeting the one who would encourage and anoint him. This journey was always about an impartation of faith nothing else not that Saul knew that when he set out. Hindsight is always 20/20!

So often it’s not about the plan we set. Nor is it about the destination or objective we think but is about what we learn on the journey. I wonder on the journeys our lives take how often it is about meeting the one who anoints in the person of Jesus Christ.

“Then Samuel took a flask of oil and poured it on Saul’s head and kissed him saying, “Has not the Lord anointed you leader over his inheritance?”

1 Samuel 10: 1

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