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Lou Blog: It’s not yours to carry

Today, I sat in a room with professionals who all work with young people learning about the sad subject of child protection.  We were reminded that we not only have a responsibility but a duty of care for the young people we are in contact with. My heart started to race, the proverbial walls started […]

Lou Blog: Grown recently?

    Last night at Alpha, we were discussing the whole topic of faith.  Questioning whether we could be a Christian without change.  We talked about the difference between knowing about God and having a real, tangible relationship with God.  The difference between head and heart knowledge.  If God dwells within us, can we do […]

Lou’s blog: One thousand gifts

  “What if your blessings came through rain drops? What if your healing came through tears? What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know you’re near?  What if trials of this life are your mercies in disguise?” I find this quote inspiring and disturbing at the same time.  I am aware […]

Lou’s blog: Its another day…

I love the beginning of a new year.  It feels like a fresh start, a clean slate.  I love the chance to reflect on the past and learn how I can bring those lessons into the present.  Recreating. Restoring.  Redeeming. I love the feel of hope in the air.  Anything is possible.  Anything can happen. […]

Lou Blog: A God appointment in the everyday.

This week I had the privilege of visiting one of the cell groups I look after.  I went along expecting to just hang out and be a bit of a bystander, intruding a little bit on their journey.  The last thing I was expecting was to be blessed and spurred on.  I had one of […]

Lou blog: Never once did I ever walk alone

I love it when a song captures every emotion your heart cannot possibly express itself. This happened again for me on Sunday night at Resound.  The band started playing, the lights were dimmed, people were pressing into the presence of God.  And in that place God reminded me that He is faithful. Its been a […]

Lou blog: A spirit of thankfulness

  I have come to realise that I could be a whole lot better at being thankful.  I am good at minding my P’s and Q’s but I am not very practised at noticing all the good things in my life. Last night at the Rev’s members meeting we were given the opportunity to reflect […]

Lou Blog: Content in imperfection

This week I have mainly been thinking about how to honour the things I most value when life is happening.  In the midst of life I find the important things can sometimes be left forgotten.  I can tell when life is out of kilter when I dont quite feel myself.  And its often because business […]

Lou Blog: What would you risk?

I dont know about you, but when I am tired, overwhelmed and a little insecure I am more likely to hide.  I am more likely to build a wall around me.  I am more likely to take the easy option.  I retreat in myself.  I let the echoes of lies reverberate around my head.  I […]

Lou blog: MORE intention, LESS habit

This Saturday I came away buzzing from the “Faith at Work” conference, it was just what I needed in the last weekend of half term.  I needed that space to be reminded of why it is I went in to teaching and why it is I choose to live the way I live.  I also […]