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Lou blog: At the end of yourself….

This week I have found I’m at the end of myself.  I have been running on nearly empty.  I feel a little bit beaten and bruised.  Im vaguely surprised that I have made it to the eve of the weekend.  There have been tears shed and a few sleepless nights.  There where times I doubted […]

Lou Blog: God moments at a gig

God often speaks to me through a lyric of a song I am listening too.  I am frequently finding Gods truths in soundtracks that accompany my day.  Its nearly always on the background; whilst I am lesson planning, cleaning and sometimes even when my class are getting on with work.  It is not uncommon for […]

Lou Blog: A season of students!

  On the 23rd of September this year I received a text from a very special friend saying, “HAPPY EIGHTH FRIENDSHIP ANNIVERSARY!”  I can barely believe it has been 8 years since I started Uni!  For us, that day was the start of something life changing! So we text each other on the 23rd each […]


  I love my cell group.  We are all very different but it works.  Our strengths compliment one another and we challenge each other with our own opinions and thoughts.  It makes life colourful and interesting.  This has never been as true as it was this week!  We are wrestling our way through Paul’s letter […]

Lou Blog: A little bit of solace…

Last weekend I spent the weekend in the beautiful Solace tent at Bestival on the Isle of Wight.  I was there with one purpose, to serve free tea and home-made cake to the masses alongside some amazing people from the various Churches on the “island”.   It was a fantastic weekend and even though I […]

Lou Blog: Evolution vs Revolution

So, Will and I recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary in July, and it is in my character to analyse how the last year has gone and make a list of things we could do better..very romantic, I know! I suggested that we could do this over our anniversary weekend whilst we escaped to beautiful […]

Lou Blog: “If I discover within myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world”

  I have an instant physical reaction to beautiful songs, its hard to explain but it is overwhelming.  It is sometimes the depth of the music, the gentleness of a voice but mostly it is due to a lyric that grabs my heart.  If I have ever talked “music” with you, it is more than […]