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Seeds of Faith are Always Within Us

  We – Lou, James and Phil – shaped the summer series on Faith for our morning gatherings. We sat one evening and wondered what we could create. We chatted about our dreams for our gatherings and what sort of journey we could create for us all as we explored faith.   It became clear […]

Living the Woven Cord

  Our community has been “leaning in” over these last few weeks through a series of meetings entitled “Living the Woven Cord”. It has been leaning in to understand more about the presence of the Trinity in our lives, leaning in to hear stories about how people have found God in the midst of great […]


  “Where was God?” Clearly many struggle to reconcile their belief in a loving God with recent tragedies. I respond simply, “God did not cause this.” Then I ask the key question underlying every question concerning God’s relationship to suffering, “What is our image of God?” The answer in the New Testament is simple: God […]