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  Over the summer we took a group of 30 young people plus leaders to Soul Survivor. This is always a special time for our youth group, where they build community and connection both with each other and the Almighty. As youth leaders we long to see them engage with God on a deeper level […]

Under the Stars

  It was 4:30 in the morning and the fire was down to small embers, crackling in the night. I was surrounded by the bizarre mix of beautiful birds singing and sheep baah-ing, mixed in with the repetition of snoring. The strangest part was the beauty that came from this sound. A sound that reflected […]

Savouring the Word

  Since January Soulfire (our 11-18s Youth Group) has embarked on a journey of “NT60” – reading the New Testament in 60 days. For the youth, the aim has been to touch base with every book of the New Testament at least once, with four readings a week. To help them on their journey, we’ve […]