Having just enjoyed being with each other at our Commitment Sunday Feast last Sunday we are really looking forward to sharing life over food again on Sunday the 15th November.

We started doing Big Lunch in November last year and have done three since then with an average of 85 people participating each time.

Big Lunch is simply about sharing lunch together in each other’s homes after our Sunday morning gathering. We ask everyone to sign up as either a host or a guest, depending on their preference, and then everyone is put into groups. We try to make these groups as diverse as possible so that we can really get to know as many people as possible in our community.  Big Lunch is a fantastic way to share life together and it’s an opportunity to build friendships with one another in a relaxed environment. For our hosts there is no pressure at all to put on a fancy three course dinner, as it is more about building community than anything else!

We would love for us all to get involved in the next Big Lunch, so please sign up! Over the next couple of weeks there will be a sign up sheet at our morning and evening gatherings. You can also email our office to let us know you’d like to come (lauran@revelation.org.uk). Just tell us if you want to be a host (and how many people you’d like to have) or a guest (and how many are in your family). Letting us know about dietary requirements is helpful too. Don’t worry if you (or your children) are fussy – we’ll find someone who can accommodate you!


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