Over the next year we want to read through the New Testament and Psalms together as a church family, journeying through the text, grappling with the same passages, asking questions and being drawn into a daily encounter with Jesus. Each day, we want to set aside our best time to immerse ourselves in the text so we might live out the story of God in our city, letting his voice be the most formative voice in our lives. Rather than eating the bread of anxious toil as the Psalmist says, we want to eat the bread that truly satisfies.

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Rather than racing through the text each day, we’re going to use an acronym to help us slow down and delve deeper into the passage. Each day we’ll be following the pattern of BREAD:

Be Still






On some days there is a short devotional video to watch alongside the readings – these days are marked with a QR code. All the videos can be found on this playlist Here. 

This is the first video.

Big thanks to our friends at KXC & the Bible Project for support with production of the Bread Journal and content.