The Drylining team have continued to work hard this week completing the insulation of both the ceiling’s spaces and external wall. This is to make sure we keep the noise we generate from all the activities inside the building. We also saw the start of the construction of the main hall with the walls going up. It’s is so exciting to see the shape starting to develop.

This last week saw another large donation come in for the building from within the church family. We also had another pledge affirmed to come in during the coming months from within the church. All in all, this takes us to the amazing place of having all the funds in place for the building works in line with our budget.

We have commissioned over the summer a fundraising research paper to help us with the outstanding funds needed to complete the whole project costs. Work will start shortly making applications to the trusts and grant makers highlighted, where we are a good fit to their criteria and have a high chance of success.

Next week we will start advertising for a new part time staff post as a Community Development Worker. They will be working with the neighbourhood, our charitable and community partners and the statutory agencies to help make sure the building blesses Chichester as much as we hope to.

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