Another three weeks have passed on our building works with lots of progress continuing to be made on a weekly basis. The sound proofing in the main hall is now nearly complete.


In the last month we have taken on a consultant fundraiser to help us raise the funds still required for the overall project cost. The fundraiser will be working with us submitting applications to funders and trusts throughout September, October and into November.


We have decided following detailed conversation with the District Council planning officers to withdraw our latest planning application. Our request was primarily to extend the current ground floor building line to incorporate the portico. We will now leave the portico as it is. We still have a small amount of work to do via a Non-Material Amendment to illustrate a new layout of our three entrances at the front.

Building Team

We are blessed to have a wonderful team of people working really hard behind the scenes to see our vision become reality. They are all acting as volunteers giving hours of time to keep us on track. We want to thank them so much for all their skills, efforts and time and we will of course thank them all properly in due course.

Next steps

All the walls should be in place and all the lengthy sound proofing measures completed by the end of September. It is already really exciting to see the space find its new shape with walls appearing everywhere. The next aspect of this second phase of our building will see a flurry of different trades people coming to continue the work to the first fix stage.

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