We are sorry that it has been a little while since we last updated you on the progress at 104. We are now in a period of overlap as the construction work nears completion and the finishing’s side of the works start.


All the internal doors have now been hung and look fantastic. The new external front doors have also been fitted and looking great.

Air Handling Units

Our two spectacular air handling units are now in the new home in the roof at the rear of the building. These units from Germany will draw in fresh air and expel the stale air from the building.


We are about to go back to Chichester District Council for (what we hope is) one final planning application. We tried to put this through as a non-material amendment, but this was rejected. The reason for this new application is twofold. Firstly, we have made some minor amendments to the door layout at the front of the building to enable better wheelchair access and fire safety. Secondly, we need to add some vents at the very rear of the building for our ventilation system.

This new application will go in during December.


It has been so good to have teams of volunteers into the building for the last three Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. It has changed the feel of the building having some colours on the walls of the welcome area, main hall and corridors. We have had all ages through to paint including students and some of the young people.

Was not only fun to be together in our new home but also many conversations were had about the dreams and possibilities that could take place in this wonderful new space.