Travel Plan
Travelling to 104 at the start of 2020 gives us the opportunity to try different ways to start our Sundays. We are all looking to make a difference in 2020, so we can all make some changes. Do you normally drive to a church gathering? Do you normally organise your family to come in 2 cars?

Here is a chance for you to do things differently. Why not consider walking to a church gathering? Why not consider pulling that bike out the shed and cycling? – we’ve got a lovely new covered bike rack outside the front door at 104.
Moving to 104 gives us an opportunity to change in lots of different ways. We can look at things differently. We know it’s impossible for us to park outside 104 so let’s try other ways to get together. 
There are health benefits for you – it gives you the chance to slow down, to prepare for our gathering, and to contribute positively to our city’s environment. It may well be that you’ll have the chance to chat with more people instead of being stuck in a glass and metal box!

If you are coming by car (we know some people have to), you have to park at the Market Car Park and walk through the amphitheatre park – 7 to 10 mins walk. We will have three on site disabled parking bays for Blue Badge holders. 
As part of our Travel Plan, we are honouring our new neighbours (houses, flats and shops) – it’s really important that we respect the parking spaces they are currently using and that we do not cause any problems around The Hornet and neighbourhood.

We are sorry that it has been a little while since we last updated you on the progress at 104. We are now in a period of overlap as the construction work nears completion and the finishing’s side of the works start.


All the internal doors have now been hung and look fantastic. The new external front doors have also been fitted and looking great.

Air Handling Units

Our two spectacular air handling units are now in the new home in the roof at the rear of the building. These units from Germany will draw in fresh air and expel the stale air from the building.


We are about to go back to Chichester District Council for (what we hope is) one final planning application. We tried to put this through as a non-material amendment, but this was rejected. The reason for this new application is twofold. Firstly, we have made some minor amendments to the door layout at the front of the building to enable better wheelchair access and fire safety. Secondly, we need to add some vents at the very rear of the building for our ventilation system.

This new application will go in during December.


It has been so good to have teams of volunteers into the building for the last three Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. It has changed the feel of the building having some colours on the walls of the welcome area, main hall and corridors. We have had all ages through to paint including students and some of the young people.

Was not only fun to be together in our new home but also many conversations were had about the dreams and possibilities that could take place in this wonderful new space.


Christmas is fast approaching! Here is what we have planned for our community over the festive period.


Just One Natural Evangelism Course


The command from Jesus is for each and everyone of us to be witnesses (Acts 1:8).

– When did you last lead someone to the Lord?

– Have you ever found yourself not being able to progress a conversation further with friends or family?

– Are there people in your life that you know need God but you are not sure how to begin the conversation with them about it?

– Have you like many Christians heard about needing to be a witness for him and have been wondering how?

J. John is one of the foremost communicators of the gospel and has used his 40 plus years experience to write an evangelistic tool entitled Natural Evangelism. We are blessed not only to have J. John come to proclaim the Gospel at the Just One Event in Portsmouth on  4th & 5th April 2020,  but we are also being provided with an amazing opportunity to learn the HOW in order to aid us in one to one conversation with our friends, colleagues & family members.


The course is running at Swanfield Chapel in Chichester on:

Saturday 9th November – 9.30 – 3.30pm (Sessions 1-3)

Saturday 23rd November – 9.30- 3.30pm (Sessions 4-6)

The course led by amazingly gifted evangelists, is free of charge and the manual is just £5.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to be equipped and either book yourself HERE , pick up a leaflet at one of our Sunday gatherings or chat to me about other dates in the area in the coming months.


This last couple of weeks has seen some different trades people start for the first fix phase for trades, including electrical and plumbing.


Our Non-Material Amendment to Chichester District Council is now submitted for consideration. As a reminder this is for some very minor changes to the doors and glazing at the front of the building. We have been informed that should hear back from the council officers regarding our submission by the end of October.


Our wonderful Building Team are now focusing on all the finishes around the different parts of the building. This includes doors, flooring, wall colours etc. This is both exciting and encouraging as it shows the progress being made at the end of our twelfth week of work.

Next steps

The first coats of paint will start in some of the main spaces next week and the air handling units are due to arrive in the next two weeks. The structure and platform for these large units is being built into a space in the roof.


Another three weeks have passed on our building works with lots of progress continuing to be made on a weekly basis. The sound proofing in the main hall is now nearly complete.


In the last month we have taken on a consultant fundraiser to help us raise the funds still required for the overall project cost. The fundraiser will be working with us submitting applications to funders and trusts throughout September, October and into November.


We have decided following detailed conversation with the District Council planning officers to withdraw our latest planning application. Our request was primarily to extend the current ground floor building line to incorporate the portico. We will now leave the portico as it is. We still have a small amount of work to do via a Non-Material Amendment to illustrate a new layout of our three entrances at the front.

Building Team

We are blessed to have a wonderful team of people working really hard behind the scenes to see our vision become reality. They are all acting as volunteers giving hours of time to keep us on track. We want to thank them so much for all their skills, efforts and time and we will of course thank them all properly in due course.

Next steps

All the walls should be in place and all the lengthy sound proofing measures completed by the end of September. It is already really exciting to see the space find its new shape with walls appearing everywhere. The next aspect of this second phase of our building will see a flurry of different trades people coming to continue the work to the first fix stage.


We are recruiting for a new part time position at Revelation Family Church to join our staff team.

The role of a Community Development Worker will be working to help bring our new building and the vision we have, to life.

You can download the Job Pack here Community Development Worker Job Pack 2019 V3

The Drylining team have continued to work hard this week completing the insulation of both the ceiling’s spaces and external wall. This is to make sure we keep the noise we generate from all the activities inside the building. We also saw the start of the construction of the main hall with the walls going up. It’s is so exciting to see the shape starting to develop.

This last week saw another large donation come in for the building from within the church family. We also had another pledge affirmed to come in during the coming months from within the church. All in all, this takes us to the amazing place of having all the funds in place for the building works in line with our budget.

We have commissioned over the summer a fundraising research paper to help us with the outstanding funds needed to complete the whole project costs. Work will start shortly making applications to the trusts and grant makers highlighted, where we are a good fit to their criteria and have a high chance of success.

Next week we will start advertising for a new part time staff post as a Community Development Worker. They will be working with the neighbourhood, our charitable and community partners and the statutory agencies to help make sure the building blesses Chichester as much as we hope to.

Things continue to develop well on site at 104 The Hornet. We are pleased to say that we remain on schedule with the programme of works as we completed our first month.

This last week has seen the dry liners start work. They are currently focused on all the ceilings and external walls and this will help create the acoustic seal needed so we don’t disturb our new neighbours once we are in occupation. This aspect of the build should be completed by the end of the month. Adding the ceilings in some areas has also started to give the first feel for some of the spaces we are creating and it is exciting seeing it take shape.

This last week we also had successful site visits from our Acoustic and Health and Safety Consultants to check in on our progress.

Phase One Done!

It has been a solid 2 weeks of work on site at 104 The Hornet with the steel construction team focused around phase one of our refit to install the internal steel structure required to hold the sound proofing we need. Today that team completed the internal steelwork right on schedule and headed back off up to the West Midlands. They have been brilliant and we were sad to see them leave!

We also have had a site visit this week from Shore Engineering, our Health and Safety Consultants to check we are managing the site safely. It was a really helpful visit and thankfully they were very happy with the way we are managing the works.

Next week we see the start of our second phase commence so keep checking the blog and our social media sites for updates and progress reports. Exciting times!