Lifecentre is a Christian charity providing counselling for survivors of rape and sexual abuse  We are looking to train women and men who would like to serve on our Helplines in either Chichester or Worthing.  The commitment once trained will be three sessions per month (this includes a supervision evening for your support), on a voluntary basis.  We will offer full training, so volunteers do not need to have any previous counselling qualifications – simply an ability to offer support through listening without judging.  It is an 85 hour training course, starting in September 2019.  If you are interested in applying, or would like further information on how you can get involved in other ways with the ministry of Lifecentre, please email or phone the Lifecentre office for an application form (01243 786349), giving your name and contact details


Nearly two years ago, seventeen of us had the joy of visiting a church in Angers for a long weekend. It was full of fun, food and discovery; from an excursion to one of the Loire’s magnificent castles, to a visit to a vineyard as well as ministry on Sunday.  These are some of the reflections from those who went in 2017:

“It was an amazing and memorable experience. For me each day was a real tonic and full of God’s blessings. I went from being really ill the week before to coming home feeling spiritually, emotionally and physically refreshed.” Anne Smith

“We were spoiled rotten, loved and made some incredible new friends. Such a wonderful experience.”  Lee Nancarrow

 “Mike and I joined the group going to Angers not knowing many people. We were made welcome on arrival and the hospitality flowed. Our hosts Michel and Claudette not only took us on the arranged trips, but showed us the area at other times. It was such fun. They visited us when they came over in the summer, which was great. We now have new friends in France.”  Derry Burn

 “France = fun, food, and fellowship; a memorable experience of heartfelt worship with fellow Christians, in both English and French languages, and a real sense of unity” Angela & Brian Benford

 “Fantastic hospitality, great fellowship with our French brothers and sisters and a chance to get to know your fellow travellers better, as well as getting refreshed – perfect!”  Pete Hamilton

 “I felt so welcomed by the community in Angers and really enjoyed getting to know others in the group over a glass of wine and great food! Our hosts were lovely and made us feel right at home. Spending time with people from a different language and culture who share our faith in God was an encouragement and reminded me that we are all one family.” Laura Nancarrow

Are you ready for an adventure in 2019? Are you open to be impacted by God and willing to be a vessel for him?  Then this trip is for you! If you are interested this cultural, relational and missional exchange then get in touch with Laura or Bruno (

Our friends at Chichester Baptist Church have run the very successful CAP (Christians Against Poverty) centre in Chichester for approaching ten years. For the past three years Martin Jenkins has worked as the CAP Centre Manager. Martin will be stepping down from this role by the Spring of 2019. The Baptist Church have advertised this position previously but not made an appointment. The Church leadership team feel that it is right to re – advertise the position again. If you are interested in finding out about this position and what it entails, please do talk to Martin Jenkins, Ellen Wild or Ken Benjamin from the Baptist Church. This would be a paid, p/t role for 16 hrs a week with flexibility around days and times. A job description and application forms are available from Chichester Baptist Church Office on 01243 782582 or  Let us also join the our friends at CBC and pray as we seek the right person and guidance for the future of the CAP Centre in Chichester.


This weekend I visited my parents church in the valleys of Wales. The church is small (around 40-60 attendees) and is in one of the poorest areas in the south of Wales. There is high crime and unemployment rates and they have had two murders directly in front of the building. This is a tough area with tough people.

Before the service began two little girls sat on the two chairs next to me and one of them was reading the church news letter and the other was reading her bible (see picture above). There was no one there looking at her apart from me and she did not know who I was. She was not pretending to win any favour or look like she was a good girl, she just wanted to read her bible. I asked her what she was reading and she just looked at me and giggled.

Later on she went out of the service and as she did she held her bible so tightly as if she never wanted to damage it or loose it. Her bible was the most precious thing to her.

That girl had a simplistic love for what God has for her and there are so many times in life when helping to lead a church that you loose that first love, the passion for the word of God.  I regurgitate old revelations or second hand words instead of what God has personally shown me.

So often I get home, put my feet up and veg my brain with FIFA or rubbish TV and escape. And yet God never turns on FIFA, he never makes sure he gets in the latest episode of Xfactor before he hangs out with me. No he is there, waiting, willing, excited, passionate! Desperate to hold us close and unpack the things he has for us.

Father God help me to have the same desire for the things of you as you have for the things of me.

Matthew 6 v 21 (NLT)

‘Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of you heart will also be’