The worlds lowest ranked national football team American Samoa celebrated this week. They ended a run of 30 straight defeats, which stretched back over two decades. In doing so they also achieved there first ever victory with a hard fought 2-1 win over Tonga ranked two places above them (202nd) in the FIFA rankings list. American Samoa also holds the embarrassing fact of suffering the heaviest ever defeat at international football history when in 2001 they lost 31-0 to Australia.

Having potentially stopped the rot with their first ever victory coach Thomas Rongen said the result would now be “part of soccer history”. Talk about over statement of the year!

As amusing as this story is I managed to find a strange encouragement in it. It pointed me to the fact that you can be the worlds worst and still even occasionally succeed and taste victory. As a Christian this is a mighty relief! I defiantly fail more than I succeed and sometimes it can feel a long time between successes. However if I keep plugging away sharing the love of God with all those around me and those whose life I cross paths with I will eventually see success come my way. I propose that we could name this principal the ‘law of American Samoa’.

As followers of Jesus we have set in our hearts and minds an eternal and undeniable hope in Christ in what he has done, is doing and his return. Lets keep going for God and celebrate the victories no matter how few and far between knowing they will come as certain as he will return.

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