I noticed it was announced this week that the ongoing and continual job of painting the world famous Forth Bridge is due for completion in December. The 1.5mile bridge built in the late 19th Centaury is about to lose all painters for the first time in its 220 year life. A break through in paint technology (I did not know there was such a technology!) means the latest paint applied will last for 25years.

The phrase ‘it’s like painting the Forth Bridge’ was coined to describe a never-ending job. A job that takes so long that once you have finished it, the time is right to start again. “The old cliche is over” exclaimed Colin Hardie the Construction Superintendent of the bridge.

There are certain things in my world like the washing and ironing pile that feel never ending tasks. With a very sober assessment of myself I know that I am one ongoing construction and renovation project. Maybe Father God looks at me thinking I am his very own Forth Bridge project! In many ways I hope so. I also know that no break though in technology (paint or otherwise) is going to mean I only need a maintenance overhaul every 25years! With me it is a daily job.

Isaiah talks about us being like clay on the potter’s wheel in chapter 64. Like the Forth Bridge, we need the Father to keep caring for us, protecting and shaping us.

Yet, O LORD, you are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

Lord, continue to shape me each day.

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