Sometimes I look at the call that God has for my life I feel a little worried about my delivery to deliver! When I look back at some of the words trusted people have spoken over me I get that sinking feeling. The need is huge and I am just one man!

I found myself reading today the famous story of the rebuilding of Jerusalem and its walls as recounted by Nehemiah in the Old Testament. I love this story and it’s many interesting images. Living in a City with ancient Roman walls surrounding which needed large scale restoration works last year the imagry is even more prominent. The rebuild required In Jerusalem at the stories time was massive and the risks huge. It was real life and death stuff as they built with a sword in one hand and masonry in the other. Large well planned work teams and family groupings took on rebuilding of the major sections of walls and the vitally important gateways to the City.
I stumbled across a really freeing bit that made me feel ‘even i can do that’. In chapter 3 as we see the work groups tackle the huge task we also find every day people just doing what they could too. In verse 23 we read of a couple of guys called Benjamin & Hasshub who commit to rebuilding the walls of the city that ran in front of their houses. I thought I may not be able to play a part in rebuilding the whole walls or even significant bits like the City gates. You know what though, I can do my little bit on my street outside the front of my house. I can build the Kingdom in my workplace, amongst my friends and outside the school gates. This is equally a valid a part of the walls being restored as the gateways being replaced.

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