I love it when it just suddenly grabs you especially when you are not expecting it! It’s like a bucket of cold water being thrown over your head on a hot summer’s day. I am talking about the Bible, the word of God, which soaked me when I was least expecting it this morning. We are told that the Bible is ‘alive and active’ as the writer to the Hebrews in the New Testament exalts. This is exactly how it felt this morning.

I am on doing a reading plan taking me through the Bible in a year. Sometimes you find yourself reading through very familiar pieces of the Bible and at other times bits that are more alien to me. Today as I opened the Bible to find myself in Ezekiel 47 which is a prophetic vision which I am very familiar with. The vision that Ezekiel presents to us is of the water flowing from the temple and the man taking Ezekiel in his vision further and the water getting deeper and deeper until the flow of the river makes it impassable. I was excited to be on familiar ground and feeling a little ahead of the game knowing the story so well. I read the main portion of the vision but the plan took me further beyond. As I continued reading I got the bucket of water over the head!

The bit that hijacked my time was where the river in Ezekiel’s vision opens out and the fresh waters from the stream flowing from the temple meet the salt waters of the sea.  It describes this as the place where the water swarms with life and in large numbers. The life is drawn to the
place where the fresh water meets the salt water and makes it fresh. Fishermen stand on the banks here as it is so full of life.

It got me thinking about the Church today which as I mused further about this part of the vision connected for me with the image of the Temple. My train of thought then went to where are those places where the churches fresh water meets the sea of this world? I thought of our City Angels Project, Toddler Tribe and Golden Angels to name a few of those places for us at Revs. This is the place where ‘life swarms’ where the Church waters our message and very heart beat intersect with the sea of life to create a bountiful estuary. It is incredibly vulnerable and turbulent but alive. This is where we have to invest our time and resources. How many estuaries does your church have?