We have a great garden which I truly thank God for. It is mainly grass but a few years back we created a vegetable patch. It was a bold move as we decided to step out of the comfort zone of grass maintenance also known as lawn mowing! Now we are mere amateurs when it comes to the green finger stuff but over the last few years I have tried to cultivate some vegetables and fruit in our modest patch. We have read books, sought advice and done my best to create the right environment.

During the past few years we have noticed my garden has a major problem. It seems to be a touch temperamental. We can grow cucumbers for fun and we end up with way more than we could ever eat, so we have to give them away. In fact we risk losing
friends as we will not let them leave our house without at least a couple when they visit. However broccoli, well brocolli it will not have a bar of it. They take ages to grow and when it eventually matures towards harvest it goes straight to flower. There is about a 2.6 second window from bud to flower. How can one garden produce some crop with such ease and in abundance and rebuff one of its close vegetable family members?

It is slowly dawning on me that no matter what we try it, makes not difference – we can’t grow BROCOLLI! Therefore I can’t help but blame it on my garden. Well who else do I blame it on if it’s not us? There are some things our garden is good at producing because of its unique conditions. As humans we have all been created unique with unique combinations of strengths and gifts we are able to grow and encourage in others. Over many years of following Christ I have learned to do what I am gifted to do and not the things I am not. This is not, by the way, an excuse to not put in the hard yards, pull a long shift or throw in the towel on serving. I just know
there are things I can do through the gifts I have been given and see fruit grow. I have learned and continue to learn that I can also create space for others to shine in their gifting areas where they are completely at home and yield a plentiful harvest. Find the fruit you can harvest in plenty and draw in the rest of the body in areas your yield is precisely zero no matter how hard you try.

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