I have been recently reading of the amazing Exodus of Gods people from the plight of the Egyptian enslavement. The scale and extraordinary super natural moments of the Exodus from captivity on the journey to the promise land and all its freedoms never fails to stir me. The story of freedom turns sour quiet quick though as the very practical matters of food and water become scarce.

 It seems to only take a matter of hours from the dramatic escape as God lead them out of captivity to freedom to slip from the minds of the people of Israel and the latest challenge facing them to dominate the headlines. I can so resonate with this, I am pretty sure I would have been one of the biggest moaning thirsty mouths present!  Like the Israelites I all to quickly forget the major markers of Gods promises that act as milestones along the path of my life. I am so busy looking for the next one that I forgot how God showed up and set the marker of freedom down last time and the one before it etc.

In trying to read Exodus with an open heart to the Lord and I stumbled across a small piece which has not really captured my attention before. At the end of Chapter 15 where the moaning starts God makes a decree that if his people obey his commands and listen carefully to his voice he will keep them safe from disaster and disease. He will provide for them. He reminds them that it was he who brought them out of captivity. Once the refocus following Gods pep talk they arrive in Elim to find 12 fresh water Springs and 70 Palm Trees.

If I can keep my focus on obeying God and listening to his voice the provision for all I need will come.

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