My youngest daughter Jaime who is three has recently started to ask me about my day which I love. She will sometimes ask at breakfast what I am doing that day as well as asking me what her day holds. A couple of times as I have walked in from work or sitting at the dinner table with her she has asked what I have done too. It is all very sweet as she is learning how to engage with others. Recently she has really made Kathryn and I laugh as she asks about my day at work.                       

The conversation starts, “have you been to work today Daddy?” to which I usually reply, “yes I have.” She then asks “did you have a nice time at work” and then comes the punch line of “Did you do singing and ‘glory in the highest’ at work today.” 

Although she has been into the Church office where I spend the largest single percentage of my working time she still does not see that as what I do. Her understanding seems attached to our family Sunday morning experience of Church and one particular song by Phil Wickham that she has latched onto. She genuinely thinks that is what going to work is all about for me. Standing in our building singing songs to God and praising him all day.

 After the first few times of finding this very funny I moved from laughter to feeling profoundly challenged by her assumption. I started to wrestle with the fact that maybe that is what I should be doing as a Pastor of a Church. I recall chatting with my good friend Steve Harding about how he sees it. He said as a very experienced worship leader in all sorts of settings that he does see the Pastor/Priest/Minister as the primary leader of worship in a Church. So my conclusion has been more singing and less desk time. Can someone hold me to that please!

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