“Jesus strategy turns spectators into participators, consumers to contributors, audiences to armies, members to missionaries”


This quote is taken from the Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren. I absolutely love it, I do! As Rick Warren points out Jesus has a strategy and a plan always involves participation. He puts this strategy into place time and time again we see not only recorded in the Bible but is illustrated throughout history.  God transforms us which means that ordinary people can do through him extraordinary things . His Kingdom advances as the audience turns into an army.


It blows my mind that God chooses to use regular people like us to be a part of his master plan. He could quiet easily achieve this on his own such is his omnipotence. Father God though chooses to engage with his children and lavish love upon them (1 John 1: 3).  In Matthew 18 Jesus makes it very clear. It is HIS Church and HE will build it. He is the builder and it is his building, we are purely key holders (not just to the Church but the whole Kingdom) who wish to steward it well and ultimately put a smile on his face.


This is what Jesus Church should look like. It functions as the body as spectators become participators, consumers to contributors with each unique part contributing to the whole.


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