As a Christian of 20 years I feel like I have seen and heard quiet a lot about the faith. Mostly great stuff that has challenged me and caused me to grow deeper in my relationship with Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Somethings though have sounded very complicated and I am someone who does get a little uncomfortable with formula driven faith whilst as an evangelical acknowledging a formula and mechanism to salvation in Christ.

I love simplicity and in many ways the call to follow Christ is a very simple one. Often cunning stratergies, plans and programmes can add layers of complexity to our simple faith of following Christ.

Last week I came across a stunning piece of simplicity found in the Old Testement book of Micah. It was preceeded with a large profound but simple question about walking in the ways of God. In Chapter 6 we hear Miciah take on the question of “what does the Lord require of you?”. I guess at this stage a long detailed list could appear which would need to be followed up with a stratergy of implimentation. His reply is thankfully crisp, brief and to the point…..

“To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”
Micah 6:8 NIVUK

I love love this. I enjoy the published book series KISS (keep it simple stupid) and would be intregued to see a ‘KISS Christianity’. I am not aware of it being done yet so I am going to endevour to KISS Christianity Micah style!

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