I recently read of an incredible feat performed by Master Engraver, Graham Short. He took on the incredible yet micro challenge of engraving the names of every England goal scorer at the World Cup competitions from 1950 until 2010 (14 tournaments) onto a very small object. What made it amazing was the engraving was on the base of a football boot stud. It surprisingly totalled to 38 names and the iconic 3 Lions emblem.
Isaiah present the image of our names being engraved on the palm of Gods hands in chapter 49. This metaphor comes off the back of Gods promise of never forgetting us which is incredible considering the estimated 56 billion people that have ever lived. It makes Graham Shorts 36 names on a football stud look lame! That has always been an image that has resonated strongly with me.
So no matter what trends come and go in 2012 or where we end up both planned and unplanned let us be assured that God is with us. He cannot forget us as our names are engraved on his hands.

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