I read another bit of the Bible today that got me thinking! I was reading of Jacob’s life in Genesis. Laban is in furious pursuit of his son in law, Jacob who has taken off without notice with his daughters and grandchildren. He wanted to have it out with him but once more God intervenes and speaks clearly to Laban with some simple words “Watch Yourself!” God warned him. “Don’t say anything to Jacob, good or bad”

Laban had every right to speak up and request an answer. God was getting involved to protect Jacob in his rash choices driven by fear. But God spoke clearly saying keep quiet! I so find it hard to keep quiet especially when I feel wronged. I felt challenged thinking how often does God steer my response to silence and I miss it?

In my Cell Group this week James hard hitting words from his letter in the New testament was quoted ‘Be quick to listen, Slow to speak, slow to become angry’  James 1: 19. I can’t help but read this and make a quick personal assessment that usually goes fail, FAIL & FAIL!

I am feeling challenged to keep my big mouth a bit more shut!

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