Well to say this has been a few weeks like no other I’ve known is an understatement! We are all in the same boat on choppy waters trying to adjust to the new and ever-changing landscape of our society.
A sign of this new scenery was the launch of our new Sunday Digital 
gathering online which was another first. If you missed it you can catch up anytime on our YouTube channel, Revelation Family Church. Be sure to subscribe to the channel as this will be our platform for Sundays in the coming weeks and months. Youth and Children teams are also running separate YouTube channels now with lots of content going up regularly. 
The gravity of what we are facing became even more real last night with society at large being told to stay at home with very few exceptions. Nationally the infection rate of Covid-19 has started to climb fast along with the mortality rate. I am aware of a growing number of families within the church who have gone into self-isolation either due to being in the ‘at risk’ categories, or because members of the household have shown some of the symptoms. This is a challenging and worrying time but this is where Father loves to meet us with his arms wide open. Matthew 11:28-30 spells this out. Have a read of this passage, pause and lay it all at his feet and ask for his help and guidance. 
More than ever we and our society, need the love and care of Father God. People are asking questions of life they were not just a week ago and this is borne out in the fact that we had 400 views of the Sunday Digital in the first 48 hours of it being up online. I feel there is a huge window opening for the Gospel in this time. Let’s invite friends to our Online Church gatherings and share our hope and faith in Christ and see how he works this all out to his good.
Please stay safe by following the government guidelines. Please also pray for the medics, Foodbank and HEART teams and all key workers on the front lines today. 

Much Love,

On behalf of the Leaders team

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  1. Hello it’s Vin here my familly and I would be only to happy to contribute to the food bank or help anyone who may need it. Hope your all ok x

    • Hi Vinnie, that is wonderful and so kind.
      We are sending out info on all sorts of stuff including how you can help and also access what we are doing in this season in a weekly email. Would you like to be added to our email list? (You can unsubscribe at any time)
      Hope you are all well too.

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