Freedom within boundaries


I have been watching my 2 yr old daughter Martha walk round the kitchen, mainly talking gobble-de-gook to herself, hearing her repeat phrases that I must say a million times a day that she has picked up.  “Right”, “so”, “that’s it, good girl”, all hilarious little conversations between her and her baby that mimic our daily dialogue.  But then I am caught off guard as she walks round the room again, pointing to various items and repeating, “No…..”  “mummy cross,” and my heart breaks.  I worry, wondering whether this is her overriding feeling of what I am saying to her day in, day out.  That I am a stern figure ruining her fun, managing her, rather than releasing her.  Controlling, rather than empowering. 


The thing is, in reality, I do say ‘no’.  No to when she is about to touch something that will hurt her.  No to things that aren’t good for her.  No to things that she wants but because she is two and I am not, I am aware of things she isn’t yet. (There are also a number of not so noble reasons I say no too!) So, yes I say no. Not because I want to restrict her, but because I want her to be safe and secure.  Can you see where I am going with this?


In this very average, every day moment, God reminded me again about who He is.  He is not an angry parent, saying no to every desire, every road we want to travel down.  He isn’t putting in arbitrary rules to ruin our fun, but because He is God and we are not, He knows what’s best for His children.  He knows what will bring us goodness, what will bring us joy. 


With Him, there is always more freedom within the boundaries He puts in place.  We just have to choose to trust His goodness.  His faithfulness.  His love.

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