I have an instant physical reaction to beautiful songs, its hard to explain but it is overwhelming.  It is sometimes the depth of the music, the gentleness of a voice but mostly it is due to a lyric that grabs my heart.  If I have ever talked “music” with you, it is more than likely I will have raved on about an amazing New Zealand artist called Brooke Fraser.  I LOVE her 🙂  She instantly became a favourite when I heard her first song, “Arithmetic” at University.  I recently saw her play live in Birmingham and I was drawn to one particular song called, “The C.S Lewis song.”  It talks about how we can sometimes feel unsatisfied by what the world offers and the only conclusion is we were made for somewhere else…HEAVEN.  Through the summer I have kept coming back to this song, gleaning a little more of what it might mean and how that real knowledge of having a heavenly home might impact life!  I have come to the conclusion that I want to stop seeking to be satisfied with what this life has to offer, I dont want to fit in.  I want to be different; salt and light.  I want a reminder that I am not yet who I am born to become and that feeling of being dissatisfied and wanting more is just a product of still being on the journey home.

“If I find in myself desires nothing in this world can satisfy,
I can only conclude that I was not made for here
If the flesh that I fight is at best only light and momentary,
then of course I’ll feel nude when to where I’m destined I’m compared

Speak to me in the light of the dawn

Mercy comes with the morning
I will sigh and with all creation groan as I wait for hope to come for me

Am I lost or just less found? On the straight or on the roundabout of the wrong way?
is this a soul that stirs in me, is it breaking free, wanting to come alive?
Cos my comfort would prefer for me to be numb
And avoid the impending birth of who I was born to become

For we, we are not long here

Our time is but a breath, so we better breathe it
And I, I was made to live, I was made to love, I was made to know you
Hope is coming for me
Hope, He’s coming “

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  1. Love the line – ‘am I lost or just less found?’ Will chew on that one for a while. Thanks.

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