Just One Natural Evangelism Course


The command from Jesus is for each and everyone of us to be witnesses (Acts 1:8).

– When did you last lead someone to the Lord?

– Have you ever found yourself not being able to progress a conversation further with friends or family?

– Are there people in your life that you know need God but you are not sure how to begin the conversation with them about it?

– Have you like many Christians heard about needing to be a witness for him and have been wondering how?

J. John is one of the foremost communicators of the gospel and has used his 40 plus years experience to write an evangelistic tool entitled Natural Evangelism. We are blessed not only to have J. John come to proclaim the Gospel at the Just One Event in Portsmouth on  4th & 5th April 2020,  but we are also being provided with an amazing opportunity to learn the HOW in order to aid us in one to one conversation with our friends, colleagues & family members.


The course is running at Swanfield Chapel in Chichester on:

Saturday 9th November – 9.30 – 3.30pm (Sessions 1-3)

Saturday 23rd November – 9.30- 3.30pm (Sessions 4-6)

The course led by amazingly gifted evangelists, is free of charge and the manual is just £5.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to be equipped and either book yourself HERE , pick up a leaflet at one of our Sunday gatherings or chat to me about other dates in the area in the coming months.