I have to say that I am ashamed to make this statement but even though I have been in full time church ministry for 7.5 years, and part time church ministry for 6 years before that, I have never actually fasted.

I would always have some excuse. ‘I need the energy for something’, ‘Ahh, ok, well I will cut out snacks’, or ‘I won’t eat breakfast’ (which I often skip anyway). I have to admit as well that I have even joined in on team fast days and said that I am sacrificing when the truth was I sacrificed nothing!

Today, however, I am fasting! I have decided that if I am going to see true breakthrough in my life then I will have to start doing things that I have never done before. Like fasting.

Now normally God is lucky if He gets 10 minutes with me in the morning while I am cleaning my teeth or taking a shower or in the car driving to work. But today He has had far more of my attention! Today I spent my usual 10 minutes before work, then I prayed and worshiped with our staff team for about half and hour, then when I went home at lunch time I just laid on the floor in the front room for about 30 minutes and listened to Lifted High (Bethal Church Live). Then I spent some time worshiping Him on a 40 minute drive this afternoon.

And do you know what? God met me! I encountered the living God! He showed me things about what it truly means to put our hope in Him. He showed me that, in His presence, meaning is unlocked and found. I felt some guilt at first because I have been so bad in disciplining myself to be in relationship with Him lately while filling my life with the busyness of church. But then the guilt faded away and God showed me what He had for me.

Not a bad way to spend a Thursday morning and afternoon! In communication with the One who created everything.

So today I am praying and fasting for breakthrough in my life and in the life of the church – and do you know what? I think breakthrough is coming!

Lol …………… amazing really isn’t it!

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