This weekend I visited my parents church in the valleys of Wales. The church is small (around 40-60 attendees) and is in one of the poorest areas in the south of Wales. There is high crime and unemployment rates and they have had two murders directly in front of the building. This is a tough area with tough people.

Before the service began two little girls sat on the two chairs next to me and one of them was reading the church news letter and the other was reading her bible (see picture above). There was no one there looking at her apart from me and she did not know who I was. She was not pretending to win any favour or look like she was a good girl, she just wanted to read her bible. I asked her what she was reading and she just looked at me and giggled.

Later on she went out of the service and as she did she held her bible so tightly as if she never wanted to damage it or loose it. Her bible was the most precious thing to her.

That girl had a simplistic love for what God has for her and there are so many times in life when helping to lead a church that you loose that first love, the passion for the word of God.  I regurgitate old revelations or second hand words instead of what God has personally shown me.

So often I get home, put my feet up and veg my brain with FIFA or rubbish TV and escape. And yet God never turns on FIFA, he never makes sure he gets in the latest episode of Xfactor before he hangs out with me. No he is there, waiting, willing, excited, passionate! Desperate to hold us close and unpack the things he has for us.

Father God help me to have the same desire for the things of you as you have for the things of me.

Matthew 6 v 21 (NLT)

‘Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of you heart will also be’

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