Today I had a pyjama day and watched the film ‘The Preachers Wife’. It made me cry. It was all about good, morality and family winning out at christmas.

I was told this week that at christmas time crime hits an all time high. That domestic violence is at its highest point during christmas. That people have more pressure and arguments at christmas than any other time of the year. The emergency services have to massively increase their staff because of the amount of destruction, drunkeness and crime that happens this time of year!

So many people will hurt this christmas, so many will be alone, so many will be in fear!

But last night the city angels went out, we went out and helped those who couldn’t look after themselves, we brought a calming presence to the city centre, we were light in the darkness.

So this Christmas and after Christmas, we will hope, we will love,  we will feed the hungry, we will help the poor, we will visit the lonely, we will be a light to our city. When everyone tells us that what we are looking for died with some cheesy films 20 years ago I will continue to believe that there is still good around. That Jesus still lives, that his holy spirit is in us. And we can still make a difference!


‘The night is far gone; the day is at hand. So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armour of light.’
(Romans 13:12 ESV)

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