I was at my Cell Group last night and we were knocking around the subject of Solitude. We have all been reading a book called ‘Sacred Rhythms’ which is about spiritual disciplines and rhythms. This has been a read that has challenged me in my life patens. None more so than this week when we jumped into the chapter on Solitude.

The challenge for an extravert like me is immediate. Even thinking about just being alone drains me of energy and fills me with a touch of fear! I am built up being with others , this is a source of my energy.  Why be alone when you can be with others.

I have noticed over the past few years a growing part of me that does enjoy solitude. As a Father of young children and the busy work life of leading a church I reflect that my life is full of people, most of the time. This has brought an appreciation of times alone. When I think about Solitude of course I am not referring to time alone just me and my thoughts. It is time set aside to sit with God and be still.

As I thought more I do have those times set aside but the challenge for me is more the noise of life. Puttting all of life’s noise on mute. We reflected as a group that we live in a world where everything is screaming for our attention and more often than not requires immediate response. The world seems to keep getting faster and the noise keeps growing. This is my area of growth and discipline is to put that all on mute whilst I spend time with God. Be still and know….

We agreed as a group that over the next week we would all find at least an hour to sit and be still with God. Everything would go on mute. There would be no desired out comes or goals just stillness with us and our maker. We were all a mixture of nervous and excited at the thought!

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