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Our Team

Meet our team.

Core Leadership Team

The Core Leadership Team provides spiritual leadership for the Church. You can get in touch with us by emailing

Roger Ellis

Senior Leadership Team

Andy Haddow

Senior Leadership Team

Jennie Swires-Hennessy

Senior Leadership Team

Lou Moore

Senior Leadership Team

Phil Harper

Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team

Staff Team

There’s a team of staff and volunteers who help us bless the community generously, run projects, events and courses as well as support the normal day-to-day running of the church.

Andy Haddow

Staff Team Leader

Jeannette Oxford

Operations Manager

Kat Fisher

Community Outreach Leader

Dan Swires-Hennessy

Children & Families Leader

Dan Thompson

Youth Worker

Rich Lush

Communications Officer


In addition to the Core Leadership Team, we also have a board of Trustees that provides legal and financial oversight of the church. Our Trustees are Antonia Brinded, Robert Armstrong, Nicky McIntyre, Richard Sabin, Jaqueline Stone, Rosie Bradberry and Andy Benson.

A whole team of Volunteers

Making things happen...