I like teacakes. They are a lightweight snack. They don’t cost much. They are fine with a cup of tea.

But I’ve been duped. I was told by some know-it-all dietician that they are not very fattening. They are good to have when you don’t want to pile on the calories with unhealthy snacks.

I have now discovered the truth – and it isn’t pretty. It was brought to my attention that I should look at the list of ingredients.

At the next visit to the local supermarket on an early Saturday morning I took time to explore the ingredients. It was more like a list of chemicals than anything remotely connected with food. I found to my horror that I had been stuffing myself with a whole load of unnecessary trans fats.

I tried not to think of all the teacakes I had consumed. I tried not to consider the smugness that had enveloped me when having a teacake under the guise of ‘not-so-unhealthy-snack”.

But sometimes the truth hurts. Other times it feels preferable to adopt the Ostrich position in the nearby sand. But truth has a way of releasing us – even if it’s painful.

The phrase ‘the truth will set you free’ has its origins in Jesus teaching. For me to digest this teaching I now recognise that I have to own up to the lies. Then I can be set free by truth.

There is a temptation to ignore this wisdom. But the consequence is usually a bit messy. Hanging on to lies and convincing myself its the truth always leads to a right old tangle.

So from now on I think I’ll pursue a journey of truth even if it exposes lies and causes a bit of embarrassing humility and repentance. I think I would rather be free and found than lost and bound.

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  1. Thank you so much. Hope you continue to enjoy whats on offer.

  2. Brilliant. Thanks.

  3. Enjoy. Hope to hear what you have to say on future posts.

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