We firmly believe that the ancient message of the Church is for all people. This message of hope was never meant to be contained within the church walls, in fact, quite the opposite.

Bill Hybels said that “the local church is the hope of the World”. If he was even close to being right, we need to get outside our buildings to bring the hope people yearn for. We don’t only want to use words to speak this message of hope but we want to embody the message. This means the Church resourcing and rolling up its sleeves to get its hands dirty within our communities.

Revelation is currently actively running the following projects:

City Angels 
City Angels is an award-winning partnership project working in the Chichester city centre. A team of volunteers work on the streets with the Emergency Services helping people while the night-time economy is in full swing.


Other External Local Projects We Support

Life Centre

Chichester Christians Against Poverty Centre

Chichester District Food Bank