Our history flows from two amazing sources:

In the early 1980s, when shoulder pads and bleached jeans with designer tears were at their peak, God was on the move amongst a small group of young people in Chichester. In 1983 as more and more came to faith, Revelation Church was born.

Over the coming decade many churches were planted in the surrounding towns and cities as Revelation continued to grow. Expressions of church were also planted amongst demographic groups as youth and student congregations were started. Many projects and charities have also been born out of the womb of Revelation.

The Church is now 30 years old and has people from all ages and walks of life who would call Revelation their church.

In the Autumn of 2016, following a long period of seeking God and dialogue between the Leaders Teams of Revelation Church and Chichester Family Church, a desire to bring the two churches together to become one was presented. This was also part of a deepening connection between the churches and growing amount of working together between them over a number of years. In the months that followed the churches agreed to the plan and Revelation Family Church was born in November 2016.

We are excited to be part of the 24-7Prayer Communities Network of churches. In 1999 the first prayer room was born in Chichester in the Revelation Church building. We are so glad that the Holy Spirit had much bigger plans. The Boiler Room network is now a worldwide family of missional and monastic communities committed to a shared life of 24-7 prayer, mission and justice. Today there are 34 Boiler Rooms of varying sizes on four continents, all centred on a rhythm of prayer whilst seeking to make a measurable difference amongst the poor and the lost. This growing network is supported by an international team of experienced leaders.

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