The word Oikos in the NT Greek context stood for the ‘household’, which in society was the basic unit which was a constituent part of the city and therefore the Empire. The household consisted of the basic extended family unit, plus slaves and others connected (60% of those in the Empire were slaves!)

Oikos Groups are smaller in number than existing Life Groups so it is easier to care for one another. There are a range of groups, some meeting online and others in hybrid model of in-person or online.

The groups will be assembled by a host who is responsible for facilitating the group. The groups will do four simple things at each gathering:

  • Check In – How is everyone doing?
  • Read scripture and reflect
  • Pray for each member
  • Take Communion together

Our Oikos groups are a place of belonging, whether you are a part of a church or not you can be supported, loved and known. Our groups are open to all and are a great opportunity to learn and grow together and meet other members of the church. If you’d like to get involved in a Oikos group email the church office

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