It was great to update the church on prayer in Revelation recently and the different gathered forums for it. It was also exciting to re-commision our prayer team into the church last Sunday. The team is made up of seasoned women and men who have an experience, passion and a gift in this ministry. They are available every Sunday morning at the end of our gathering. You can spot them by their blue ‘Prayer’ lanyards.
Half Night of Prayer
On the first Wednesday of each month we meet at Revelation Central from 8pm until midnight to pray together for our city, the Church and for God’s Kingdom to come. This is open to all who wish to come and join. A normal evening includes a mix of prayer, worship, meditation, prayer stations, liturgy, etc. It is for those who carry this fire of prayer and also for those who want to simply give it a go. 
Worship & Prayer Nights
These are monthly evenings at Revelation Central from 8pm on the third Thursday of each month, open to all.
Sunday Prayer
We gather to pray at 9.45am and 6pm every week before our gatherings. This is open to all. We also offer opportunity for prayer every week through our prayer team.
Please see the video that Prayerscapes have created around prayer that we showed at our Sunday gatherings recently. This unpacks further our vision for prayer.

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