Take 12 minutes of your hour to pray here before moving onto the next section.

Allow these words to be a declaration:

Father, I receive the hope of your love;

Jesus, I live by the hope of your resurrection;

Spirit, I am filled with hope by your transforming power.

Lord Almighty,

I long for your will to be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

Holy Trinity,

maker of all life bringer of light, and cause of Joy,

I love you, I will trust you, and I will believe in more.

Allow the hope of God to encircle you, surround and fill you.

What are you hopeful for at the moment? What do you hope God will do in your life, in our church, city and world this year?

Read this Poem by Julie Haydock and spend sometime praying into the Hope that we have in Jesus.

When you are ready move on to the next section…