Prayer for the City

Take 12 minutes of your hour to pray here before moving onto the next section.

At all times, pray by the power of the Spirit – on all occasions, with all kinds of prayer and requests. Look! Notice! Be watchful, so that you can pray.

Pray for God’s blessing, protection and prosperity on the businesses, shops, charities, schools, the hospital, theatre, cinema and any other organisation you know.

Pray for the homeless, the sick, the elderly – all those who feel lost, forgotten or vulnerable.

Pray for generosity, wisdom and compassion in our District and County Councils.

Keep on praying for all the Lord’s people, especially for the church leaders in Chichester. Pray that whenever they speak, the right words will be given to them, so they can be bold to tell the good news of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

As you look at the map of the city, what does God say? Are you drawn to any particular street, area or business. Pray and share on the prayer wall below.

When you are ready move on to the final section…