Prayer for Unity

This is the final prayer station so take your time praying for unity in our church, city, nation and world.

It is so important to hold onto and remember the prayers, vison, and hope that we felt as a community during the week of prayer before the official opening of our Church building at 104.

This is the handprayers that were written on the wall at the time. The bible verse calls us again to unity. It seems even more significant now as we pull together as a family, all as unique as our fingerprints were on our colourful little montage!

Each with our own personal relationship with the godhead, Father, Son and Holy spirit; each with a purpose within the body. We are united at this time with believers across the world, God is more than able to work through us, no matter what the circumstances!

Take time to pray and reflect on the unity we have in God.

Share on the prayer wall what God is saying to you.