We firmly believe that the ancient message of the Church is for all people. This message of hope was never meant to be contained within the Church walls, in fact quite the opposite.

Bill Hybels said that ‘the local church is the hope of the World’. If he was even close to being right we need to get outside our buildings to bring the hope people yearn for. We don’t want to only use words to speak this message of hope but we want to embody the message. This means the church resourcing and rolling up its sleeves to get its hands dirty within our communities. 

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Revelation has also throughout its history given birth to many ministries and projects that have gone on to serve many people from all walks of life. Some of these remain local, some have grown into nationwide works and some have travelled beyond many national borders. We are thrilled to have played sometimes just a very small part in creating the space for these things to grow and establish.

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