One of the most exciting things about being a Christian, if not the most exciting thing, is leading another person into a relationship with Jesus Christ and seeing the fruit of that decision working itself out in their lives. 

It is what we are called to do in our lives as followers of Christ. It is not an option. It is our great commission.

Recently the church leaders met together and we have felt challenged to look at how we can see salvation in our community. Many thoughts have been put forward but we were all in agreement that running an Alpha course is a great way to help people in their journey to discover Christ.

So we are putting together an Alpha Team. We want a spirit of excellence in every part of Alpha. We want the welcome to be excellent, the food to be excellent, we want the talks to be excellent and we want the discussions to be both excellent and fruitful. We want the experience for the whole night to be as if we were doing it for Jesus himself.

We haven’t run Alpha for a while and we want to make sure that what we deliver is as good as it’s possible to make it. We are doing a practice run with our Alpha Team in Oct-Dec 2013 and then we will properly launch in Jan 2014. We will run some great events leading up to the beginning of Alpha in Jan 2014. These events will be the perfect opportunity to bring friends along to and introduce the idea of doing an alpha course. We see Alpha as being at the heart of what we are committed to as a community of believers. We are totally committed to the salvation of our city and see Alpha as a great tool to help us bring Jesus into the lives of those that don’t yet know him.

So let’s grab hold of this as a community and commit to supporting our Alpha team and bringing people to the Alpha course and ultimately to faith. I am so excited. Come on people; let’s see our friends, our work colleagues, our families coming into relationship with our Saviour and King. Let us see growth through salvation and not just the joy of new babies!

Jesus taught us that the harvest is ready and in the words of our friend Dale Gentry “It’s gonna be BIG!” 

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