The word Oikos in the NT Greek context stood for the ‘household’, which in society was the basic unit which was a constituent part of the city and therefore the Empire. The household consisted of the basic extended family unit, plus slaves and others connected (60% of those in the Empire were slaves!)

Oikos Groups are smaller in number than existing Life Groups so it is easier to care for one another and will meet twice a week. Meetings will be shorter (no more the 40 mins) and we want to encourage each other to spread out those in a more vulnerable situations in our community to enable more support and help.

The groups will be assembled by a host who is responsible for facilitating the group. The groups will do four simple things at each gathering:

  • Check In – How is everyone doing?
  • Read scripture and reflect
  • Pray for each member
  • Take Communion together

We advise that the best platform to use is Zoom is free to download as an app and use and works on all operating systems. Zoom is limited to a  40minute meeting which we feel will help keep the Oikos groups focused and create a clear boundary.

If you’d like to be included in an Oikos group, please get in touch via