Travel Plan
Travelling to 104 at the start of 2020 gives us the opportunity to try different ways to start our Sundays. We are all looking to make a difference in 2020, so we can all make some changes. Do you normally drive to a church gathering? Do you normally organise your family to come in 2 cars?

Here is a chance for you to do things differently. Why not consider walking to a church gathering? Why not consider pulling that bike out the shed and cycling? – we’ve got a lovely new covered bike rack outside the front door at 104.
Moving to 104 gives us an opportunity to change in lots of different ways. We can look at things differently. We know it’s impossible for us to park outside 104 so let’s try other ways to get together. 
There are health benefits for you – it gives you the chance to slow down, to prepare for our gathering, and to contribute positively to our city’s environment. It may well be that you’ll have the chance to chat with more people instead of being stuck in a glass and metal box!

If you are coming by car (we know some people have to), you have to park at the Market Car Park and walk through the amphitheatre park – 7 to 10 mins walk. We will have three on site disabled parking bays for Blue Badge holders. 
As part of our Travel Plan, we are honouring our new neighbours (houses, flats and shops) – it’s really important that we respect the parking spaces they are currently using and that we do not cause any problems around The Hornet and neighbourhood.