We had a young guy come and sit with our leader’s team a couple of weeks back. He was travelling with a leader from another church who regularly comes in to shape and develop our team. He shared something that has really stirred my thinking since. It was no new major revelation to me but a very healthy and timely reminder to refocus myself. I feel this is particularly relevant for those of us called by God to serve as leaders in Christs Church. In the busyness of working so hard to serve and stimulate growth at every level we can sacrifice the moments to just be in his presence and enjoy what he has done for us. These are the bits that all too often take the hit in my busy schedual.


Matt (the young guy mentioned above) said this to our team “sometimes we get so lost in the business of ‘what we are doing for God’ we totally lose focus of the more important thing as a Christian of ‘what he has done for us’. It must always be the focus and everything else flows from here.”


Christ has done all it all for us in his life, his death and his resurrection. It is a complete and finished work as my friend Malc regularly reminds us at Revs. This is the warm bath of the love of the father in which I need a daily soak. The letter of 1 John speaks so well to this.


“We love because he first loved us.”

1 John 4: 19

Check out the order here! He did it first which drives us to be who we were created to be. Let us keep this order in place always.

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